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  • Military service affairs are diverse and shall be handled according to relevant laws. In order to meet the goal of Kaohsiung City Government to establish friendly and honorable urban policy enforcement, this Bureau makes every endeavor to publicize and improve military service policies in the hope of enabling the military service to provide draftees and their family members and reservists with more well-founded services in a humanistic, open and fair manner, so as to upgrade the satisfaction level of military service. Friendliness is a reflection of consideration. Following the times, the laws and regulations relevant to military service are being amended on an on-going basis. As a result, flexible military service replaces rigid military service. Service replaces bureaucracy. Caring takes place of obligation. Timely and considerate military service is regarded as a concrete action taken by a friendly city. This City handles the military service affairs in order to achieve its ultimate goals, such as how to ensure draftees are glad to fulfill their service, how to set draftees’ families at ease, and how to ensure the public know and understand military service affairs. To this end, we hereby prepare this paper in the hope of guiding the over-whelming military service and freeing a friendly from the burden of military service. This will be our honor and desire.