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    Pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves for substitute service draftees have been extended to 7 days Print
      Update Time:2022-06-30 17:12

    According to Paragraph 5 of Article 15 of the “Act of Gender Equality in Employment” partially amended and enforced on January 12th and 18th, 2022, respectively, the employer shall grant an employee seven days off as pregnancy checkup accompaniment and paternity leaves when the employee accompanies their spouse for pregnancy checkups or such spouse is in labor. Also, Article 7 of “Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Quality in Employment,” which was amended and enforced on January 18th, 2022, states that except that the pregnancy checkup leave shall only be applicable during the gestation period of the spouses, employees shall have the paternity leave during a 15-day window before and after the day their spouses are in labor. To protect the rights and interests of the substitute service draftees, National Conscription Agency (NCA) agrees that the draftees may apply for leaves when accompanying pregnancy checkups or their spouse giving birth, following the act and enforcement rule mentioned above before the regulation of leaves is further amended and announced.