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Our family members and services

    There is one director of the disposal department, one deputy director and one secretary. There are divisions such as the Military Affairs Section, the Service Administration Section, the Mobilization Section, the Secretarial Office, the Accountant and the Personnel Administrator.

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    Military affairs Division To administer the rights and interests of on-duty military personnel, substitution service and their family members. To publicize the military service. To direct the substitution service. To investigate the state of military case. To transport the military service To coordinate with the government and the military. To serve the veteran family village.To administer the environment condition, facilities, conservation water and soil and management of soldiers cemetery in Kaohsiung City.
    Conscription Service Division To make the plans for military drawing-lots, military conscription, application for substitute service military and distribution of military power. To postpone the military service. To deal with the interference of military service. To investigate the military register and military physical examination. To rule the departure of draftee, the exemption from military serve and the endurance of military service.
    Mobilization Division To Administer the reserve management of military and substitution military service. To Randle the slow summons of reserve military. To integrate routine works. To train the staffs. To supervise the military affairs. To counsel the related organization and club. To educate the citizen defense. To regulate the affairs of emergency response, the rescue of disaster.
    Secretariat Office  Paperwork, seals, files, general affairs, cashier, procurement, research, development & evaluation.
    Accounting office Processing of fiscal accounting, accounting and statistics.
    Personnel Office Processing of personnel administration pursuant to laws.