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flow chart of military server

    1.Age of 19 --->Investigation of draftee’s record---> Choice A or B
    (A.Cause for deferred call-up  or B.No cause for deferred call-up.)

    2.***A.Cause for deferred call-up--->In school (The age limit for a deferred call-up is 33.) --->Graduated
       ***B.No cause for deferred call-up--->Investigation of conscription October-December per year)--->  
                 Determination of physical condition
                            B-1. Grade-A and Grade-B physical conditions for Regular service (four months)
                            B-2. Grade-A physical condition for substitute service ( 12 days)
                            B-3. Grade-B physical condition for substitute service (fulfill the replacement service for 12 days)
                            B-4. Physical condition exempt from military service
                            B-5. Difficult to determine physical condition (Re-examined after six months or one year subject to the patient’s condition)

                 --->Draw--->Enlisting ---> Re-check of rejection from camp (within 30 days upon the enlisting) --->Fulfill the service ---->Demobilization (reserve)---->Retirement