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Our goals and your expectations

    • Publicize military service requirements and serve the people

    To integrate the organizations of reservists via websites, media and the administrative systems of community units, hold publicity activities about military service, provide sufficient information to enable the people to understand the rights and obligations of the military service and serve the people.

    • Upgrade the function of one-stop window by means of volunteers’ specialty

    Integrating social resources, public power and talent, to help the government and upgrade the quality of the Office’s service. Furthermore, by means of volunteer’s participation and dedication, the main points of policies and contents of the service of the government can be understood, so as to create a win-win situation.

    • Fulfill the function of military service administration and effectively utilize human resources

    Precisely proceed with draftees’ application for substitute service to offer draftees the chance to carry out the government public affairs or other social services when fulfilling their military service, so as to upgrade the effective utilization of human resources.​

    • Work with voluntary military personnel to move forward voluntarism

    Work with the voluntarism carried out on a trial basis, help publicize the relevant information, proceed with draftees’physical examination and enlistment, to help the successful enforcement of voluntarism.​

    • Exposition of recruit training center prior to draftees’ enlisting

    To enable this City’s draftees and their dependents to understand the meals and accommodation, contents of training, obligations to be observed and rights, so as to strengthen their knowledge about the service and resolve their doubts.

    • Entertain military forces on offshore islands and Taiwan during the three major festivals

    On average, there are about 9,000 draftees of this City enlisted per year, who are assigned to the various forces in Taiwan or on offshore islands or to the coast guard, and who work very hard. This Office will have the officers of the City Government and Director of this Office visit this City’s draftees on the frontline together with councilors as invited on Lunar Year holidays and Dragon Boat Festival. The military personnel will always feel excited and proud whenever meeting the visiting officers of the City Government and councilors during festivals, so as to improve their morale.

    • Extend regards to injured and disabled retired military personnel, grant Mayoral consolation money on the three major festivals and living allowances

    Extend regards to retired military personnel who become disabled in the course of their duty, care for disadvantaged minorities, and send Mayoral consolation letters and grant the consolation money by postal transfer on the three major festivals, namely Lunar Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival.

    • Management of substitute service

    Help the agencies and offices manage substitute service, in order to achieve the twin goals of humanistic caring and active management, namely “the management of substitute service shall be institutionalized and humanistic; the accommodation shall be clean, tidy and of quality, to cultivate outstanding substitute service draftees with normal personality and healthy mind and to upgrade the public manpower of the various agencies and offices and to strengthen the efficiency of fine-quality service”.

    • Visit substitute service units and family

    In order to enable substitute service draftees to utilize their specialties and to fully apply human resources to upgrade the government’s public administrative ability and policy enforcing performance, this Office will pay visits to various service units to understand the draftees’ status and requirements, and to collect relevant information to be reported to the Central Government to improve the environment where the draftees fulfill their duties. Meanwhile, in respect to draftees whose family conditions are poor, this Office will visit to their families to help them resolve problems and relieve them from worrying about their families when fulfilling their obligations as citizens.

    • Landscaping of military cemetery

    Strengthen the landscaping of the military cemetery to achieve the goal of making the cemetery look like a park, so that the people may make offerings to their nearest and dearest and also rest there, and this City’s prospect for scenic view can be realized.