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Offer the great convenience to the people on full-time basis

    • Upgrading service: applications for physical examination can be taken in several locations:

    In order to upgrade the Office's service, applications have been available in several locations since March 10, 2004. People may apply for physical examination in the district Office of any township (city). Therefore, it is not necessary for them to return to their domicile places to apply for it. Please view this Office's website or check with the district Bureaus to be sure of the relevant procedures. 

    • E-service offers greater convenience:

    This Office's website has a  director’s e-mail box to deal with people’s enquiries. An on-line search system for the military cemetery has been established to provide dependents with the various contact information and news about offering sacrifices to the military cemetery and to establish the all-round e-service. 

    • One-stop window service from kind and passionate volunteers: 

    In order to upgrade this Office's one-stop window service, this Office established a volunteers group in August 2003 in order to integrate social resources and enable a group of kind and passionate volunteers to serve the people at the one-stop window.

    • Preparation, distribution and publicizing of promotional materials for military service:

    This Office prepares promotional materials and comic books regarding military service and conducts publicity via multiple channels (district and village, cable, radio and website) to enable the people to understand their rights and obligations and know the service phone numbers of the various authorities in a simple and speedy manner so as to help them seek answers.

    • Simplified operational procedures and shortened operational time limits: 

     In order to simplify the operational procedures and shorten operational time limits, since May 3, 2004, the City Government has appointed this Office to carry out the relevant military service affairs, in order to shorten the time people have to wait for upon filing applications. The scope of the appointment is as following: 

    1. Living support for draftees’dependents 
    2. Deferred call-up of draftees 
    3. Draftees applications for replacement service due to family reasons. 
    4. Draftees applications for substitute service due to family reasons. 
    5. Students applications for deferred call-up. 
    6. Draftees applications for re-examination of change in physical condition. 
    7. Processing draftees’ applications for discharge. 
    • Purchase of group insurance during conscription of draftees to protect draftees’ interests and rights:

    In order to secure this City’s draftees through the duration of the conscription and enlisting period, this City will purchase insurance of NT$2,000,000 for each draftee in this City to cover the duration of military record investigation, physical examination (re-examination) and participating in draw, interview with the Military Service Office and physical examination-related symposiums, and travel to the military camps, in order to protect the draftees’interests and rights .

    • Service offering greater convenience to the people – physical examination at home:

    With respect to draftees who are disabled, this Office will arrange medical personnel to carry out the physical examination at their home personally to maintain their dignity in during the physical examination.​

    • Simplify physical examination of physically and mentally disabled draftees:

    Draftees who are physically and mentally disabled may submit their handbooks for physical and mental disability to this Office for the determination of physical condition to save them from undergoing physical examination at hospitals.​

    • Fair environment for draftees’ physical examination and rigid assessment of physical condition:

    Public hospitals are entrusted to handle the draftees’physical examination to upgrade the quality of the physical examination and strictly examine the draftees’physical examination information to determine the draftees’physical condition precisely.​

    • Recruitment and enlisting of draftees under escort of passionate military service staff:

    Military service staff will always escort the draftees by echelon to the Recruit Training Center as carefully and passionately as if they were the draftees’brothers.

    • Fulfill the living support and protection of the interests and rights of military personnel and their dependents:

    To strengthen the care of injured and disabled retired military personnel in the City, consolation money and greeting cards will be sent to them on the eve of the three major festivals (Chinese Lunar Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival). Meanwhile, in order to enable draftees to be at ease as they fulfill their service, dependents that comply with the supporting requirements will be awarded the family allowance and a living benefit for the three major festivals. Bureaurs and soldiers in compulsory military service in this City who are hospitalized for more than 10 days and the draftees of substitutive service who are assigned to this City will be awarded the consolation money too.

    • Benefits and consolation money by postal transfer:

    The one-time family allowance and living benefits for the three major festivals granted to the qualified dependents, and consolation money for three major festivals granted to injured and disabled retired military personnel of compulsory service will be given by postal transfer for the people’s convenience.​

    • Simplify the procedure for physical examination of reservists:

    The physical condition may be determined directly based on the “certificate of diagnosis exclusive for military service”, “handbook for physical and mental disability” and “certificate of diagnosis issued by hospitals dedicated to physical examination of military service”, so as to reduce the burden on hospitals and the people.​​

    • Simplify the operational procedure for deferred call of reservists:

    Reservists who apply for deferred call-up on the grounds that they are the only son in their family may be exempted from submitting the transcripts of historical household registers since their parents’ marriage, so as to reduce the burden upon household Bureaus and the people.​

    • Loosen the qualification and requirements burial in the City military cemetery

    In addition to those who possess honorable national ID cards and active military personnel who die in wars or in the course of their duty, or due to illness or accident, applications for burial at military cemetery may also be filed for their spouses and for active substitute service personnel who die in wars or in the course of their duty, or due to illness or accident.​

    • Policies offering greater convenience to the people for the military cemetery

    The military cemetery is so majestic and magnificent that it is the best place for the spirit of a martyr to rest in peace forever. In order to benefit veterans’ dependents, couples’ bone ash cabinets were added in 2005 to provide the loyal deceased’s spouse with the chance for the couple to be together after death. In addition, in order to help the family surviving the deceased to make offerings, an on-line search system was added in 2006 to help the family check the deceased’s information. Upon the people’s request, this City also built the Dragon and Tiger incinerators to satisfy a family’s requirements and provide security facilities. The Tiger Tower is equipped with 3,000 couples’ ash bone cabinets to be available for veterans’ spouses. The lily pond was landscaped and Chinese walls were installed to shade the citizen’s cemetery and enhance the scenery in the cemetery park to provide a family with a fine place to take rest. The wooded path to the Office was also landscaped to enable the visitors to walk in flowering shrubs to relieve their sorrow. This city promotes the landscaping of military cemetery and plants many seasonal flowers. Dedicated personnel will be responsible for cleaning facilities and maintaining the cemetery park.

    • Strengthen service for quarters for military dependents:

    In order to help disadvantaged minorities and veterans communicate with the City Government, the City Government established a service center for quarters for military dependents to promote the various benefit policies for quarters for military dependents, hold health symposiums for residents in quarters for military dependents, assist in repairing quarters for military dependents after typhoons, coordinate military personnel in clearing fallen roadside trees in disaster areas, commend model fathers (mothers) in quarters for military dependents, hold a year-end party at headquarters for military dependents, and coordinate military personnel to resolve any environmental problems in quarters for military dependents, in order to realize the prospect of a healthy and friendly city.